Why visit Your Public Interest Anthropologist?

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My training as an anthropologist, writer, and writing coach shapes how I see the world, how I write about it, and I how I encourage others to write.

I became an anthropologist and writer with a few goals:

1. Study in a field that explores the range of expression of what it means to be human.

2. Learn how people’s stories, symbols and ideas fit into the wider picture of culture. I sought to understand the connections between the personal and the social.

3. Develop a form of writing and expression that uses the everyday details of people’s lives to illustrate the bigger, often interconnected ways that we inhabit our world(s).

4. Learn how to engage in issues of Public Interest as an anthropologist. That means engaging in relevant topics and trying to weigh in as clearly and accessibly as possible.

I commit to these principles in my research, writing, and how I guide others to write.

Our stories tell bigger stories.

Let’s tell our stories!

-Donna Harel, PhD.